NeonDX is a game inspired by Tetris (background music is directly inspired by the original Tetris’ theme). It was made using Unity for the Ludum Dare 35 (Shapeshift) in 72 hours with me and more five stundents of Master JMIN at CNAM-ENJMIN – France.

We must duplicate the pattern before it arrives in the validation zone. There are cursors to modify the shape and, as we advance in the game, the speed rises and new cursors appears.

For this project, I did:

  • UI Programming
  • Menu, Leaderboard and Gameplay (with transition effects)
  • Assets integration

The core of the game was made in the first day, after, we polished it and we integrated a score system (unavailable for now).

You can play the game and take a look at the source code.


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