LaggyBuddy it’s a game made at the Global Game Jam 2017 in 48 hours by me and another programmer.

LaggyBuddy it’s colorful game where you control a little robot by WiFi signal waves, but sometimes these waves take time to reach the little robot and then it execute its actions with some delay. To send the signals with the instructions for the robot (go right, go left or/and jump) you can press the arrow keys or the respective Xbox buttons (see tutorial inside the game), and for controlling the direction to send the signals, you can use your mouse or the left stick of your Xbox controller.

For this project I had fun making the signals’ emitter, the signals themselves, some particle systems, some level design, game concept, signal modifiers, assets integration (searching free assets) and I also had a lot of fun making and playing it.

I used the Rigidbody component of Unity for making the signals bounce into the wall and I had to do some optimization for a better play in web browsers (my first object pooling yay !)

You can play it and see the source code. HAVE FUN !

Global Game Jam page:


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